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Dicarlos Davis II, CBS (Alum)

Dicarlos grew up in Houston, Texas, and studied Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, where he built the human centered design and analytical skillset that he would continue to use throughout his career. At Nike, Dicarlos’ first project was to augment the first only-for-kids basketball shoe by using consumer feedback and product teardowns to improve shoe construction with Velcro straps improving accessibility for children less-than-able. He went on to create sourcing strategy for Nike’s carbon fiber waste to be recycled and reused it within new footwear. Later at Nike Air, Dicarlos designed footwear cushioning systems and their manufacturing tools, always striving to make sustainable solutions through human centered design. He worked extensively with product development teams to create airsoles that addressed consumers’ needs and partnered with manufacturing and production floor operators to design downstream manufacturing processes that made operators’ lives easier. Some of the products he worked on include the Air Max 97, LeBron 17, and ZoomX VaporFly Next%, the shoe that broke the fastest time for a marathon.

In the summer of 2020, he continued working with the Harlem Children’s Zone to improve their community engagement and the feedback loops used to respond to community needs and innovate their programs. He also worked (remotely) at Tugende, a Ugandan asset leasing company, refining their product development process, as well as developing their market expansion process and social impact reporting structure. Dicarlos is an avid reader and claims title as the only realistic Lakers fan. He hopes to continue serving others and creating a social impact through human centered design throughout his career.