About Us

Khanh Vu, SIPA (Alum)

Khanh Vu is a Vietnamese citizen, currently pursuing an MPA in Development Practice with a specialization in International Conflict Resolution at SIPA. Her primary interest at Columbia lies at the intersection of innovation and mental health and psychosocial support work in humanitarian settings and the design thinking process. Prior to joining SIPA, Khanh spent 5 years living in Washington D.C and gaining professional experiences in digital fundraising, M&E, and nonprofit communications. Khanh is one of the co-founders of a wellness mobile application attempting to find a unique solution to the common mental health distress among Vietnamese youths as well as strengthening a wellness ecosystem in Vietnam.

When she doesn’t scramble around trying to finish a paper, Khanh will be climbing some rocks inside or outside, biking around the city checking out free samples at farmer markets or hiking and hiding in the woods roasting marshmallows with her beloved pals.