About Us

Perrin Anto, SEAS (Alum)

Perrin Anto (aka the bowtie guy) is an interaction designer with a deep passion for rigorous process and social innovation. Starting in quantum computing research, Perrin dual-enrolled at Rochester Institute of Technology. Complex problem solving brought him to Columbia Engineering for his bachelor’s, but he soon discovered more purposeful work through human-centered design. He left to study interaction design at the University of Sydney, but has returned to build out Columbia’s design curriculum. He hopes no one has to run off to Australia again to pursue a passion for design.

Most recently, Perrin worked at Google where he led the UX design and research for a few features in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Before Google, he led product for a scaling social enterprise and worked for a strategy firm performing user research and service design for clients including Accenture, Sydney Metro, and the Australian Government. Perrin has been named a Future Global Leaders Fellow, Kleiner Perkins Design Fellow, Forbes Under 30 Scholar, and Columbia C.P. Davis Scholar. You can find him jamming out at the design studio or find his work at www.perrin.design.