About Us

Taylor Light, SIPA (Alum)

Taylor graduated from Emerson College with his B.A. in Communication Studies, focusing his studies on political communications, business, and music history. He went on to work in various roles in the music industry in the U.S. and Japan. In Tokyo, Taylor began working for the U.S. Embassy’s TOMODACHI Initiative in response to the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

Taylor spent the last four years as a Programs Manager / Event Director at Global Citizen, directing the integration of development advocacy campaigns and music festivals/concerts. Taylor is currently working on his Masters Degree in Development Practice at SIPA, and is sparked by the intersection of design,  community development challenges, and food systems design.

Taylor has a deep passion for the world of tea, teaching meditation/mindfulness as a tool to define purpose and direction, and exploring ways for countries and communities to utilize culture and music as a tool for human-centered development.