GSAPP Classes

Below is a look at typical offerings for GSAPP students interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, and design. For up-to-date offerings, please visit the school’s class planner and registration page.


MetaProp Accelerator at Columbia

  • Up to $250,000 in financing
  • 22-week program focused on driving business growth and accelerated market penetration
  • Curated access and introductions to industry decision-makers, technology pilots, premier sources investment capital and international media
  • Participation in exclusive Pilot Days and Demo Days, as well as discounted or free attendance at dozens of local, national and international industry roundtables and networking events
  • Pairing with select C-level mentors from MetaProp’s RE200 industry mentor network
  • MetaProp VC platform services during the program including strategy, fundraising, media relations and PR, in-house recruiting, business development, sales and digital marketing
  • Access to consortium program partners as well as free goods and services