JRN Classes

Below please find a look at typical course offerings for Journalism students interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, and design. For up-to-date offerings, please visit the school’s class planner and registration page.

News Products and Entrepreneurship 

Professor: Justin Hendrix

Join the Brown Institute at the Columbia School of Journalism for a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in news product development!

The Brown Institute’s mission is to push the boundaries of storytelling, and this event is a perfect opportunity to do just that. By participating, you’ll work in teams to develop ideas that can be proposed to both the  Magic Grant program and the Brown Institute Venture Competition, two funding opportunities offered by the institute. The Magic Grant program awards teams between $10k – $150k to pursue project work for up to a year. The Venture Competition has cash prizes and a paid fellowship to attend Brown’s Summer Entrepreneurship Program.