Madison Hawkinson, Data Scientist in Residence

Madison is the Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at high-growth startup Thrasio, which acquires and scales ecommerce products. She is laser-focused on data science solutions that operate at the edge of applied AI and society and spends her time balanced between enabling startup growth and optimizing the venture capital investment process. Previously, she led data science at NYC-based Greycroft where she built out algorithms and research to optimize the investment decision-making process.  Before this, she spent three years leading a data science team at Facebook where she built the Responsible AI organization and researched personalization of Instagram ads. Previous stints included further research in venture capital and investment banking at Bank of America.

She majored in Management Science & Engineering at Stanford and spends free time advising entrepreneurship organizations at Columbia and Stanford, making angel investments and mentoring diversity organizations in STEM.  She grew up in Colorado performing in rodeos and manages a wine label in Sonoma called Ranch Road Vineyards.