MPH Classes

Below please find a look at typical course offerings for Mailman students interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, and design. For up-to-date offerings, please visit the school’s class planner and registration page.


Entrepreneurship for Healthcare Managers

Professor: Asha Saxena

In recent years, entrepreneurship has gained enormous popularity, even becoming an accepted means to address pressing social and environmental issues. A significant percentage of our economy is now based on small businesses and an entrepreneurial career is more likely and possible than ever before. This course is designed for future health care innovators who are interested in learning how to exploit gaps and opportunities in the evolving healthcare industry.


Innovation in Health Policy 

Professors: Thalia Porteny; Magda Schaler-Hanyes

By studying innovation within the context of health and healthcare, students can learn how novel approaches can be integrated into strategies to overcome systemic inefficiencies, enhance equity in healthcare delivery, and ultimately contribute to the goal of improving health systems. Each semester the Innovation in Health Policy course will explore a new health-related topic.


Venture Capital: Funding Innovation in Healthcare

Professor: Jon Gordon

Venture capital has played a major role in shaping many of the innovations that form our modern society, ranging from the ideas that spawned the tech giants to life-saving medications. There has also been an explosion of venture investment in new areas of healthcare – namely digital health and tech-enabled healthcare services. This class will explore fund formation, negotiation strategies, and growth management as students gain insight into the world of venture capital through a healthcare lens.


Strategic Investment in Healthcare

Professor: Leslie Funtleyder

Through a mixture of lectures, discussions, case studies and guest lecturers, students will be provided with the tools to understand the raising and allocation of investment capital for strategic and/or investment gain. The course will span the healthcare continuum from product makers and suppliers to providers and consumers.


Is Bigger Better? An Analysis of Consolidation in the Healthcare Industry

Professors Todd Richter

This course examines one of the most significant but relatively recent developments in the healthcare marketplace: the trend toward increased consolidation of healthcare providers into larger practices and into vertically integrated delivery systems, as well as the parallel trend toward consolidation of health insurance companies into fewer, but much larger entities. It will draw upon economic theory and analysis, empirical research, and health policy to explore the implications of these developments.