General Assembly – NYC

Challenge: How might GA connect its most resource challenged students to public benefits and other resources that will support them on a trajectory towards job & economic security?

General Assembly (GA) is a technology company representing the future of work. It is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills.  GA has 20 offices in 6 countries and 35,000 alumni.

GA is launching a new program aimed at bridging the digital divide and ensuring that those left out of the digital revolution are fully integrated. Through an impact investment fund, GA will be able to provide access to its programming to communities in need — both those on public assistance and those coming out of the prison system (for non-violent offenses).  GA is interested in working with a team of students to get real time feedback on how best to access and scale public benefits so they can reach exponentially more students and ensure that these students are able to successfully complete programs & be on a trajectory towards job and economic security.