PHOTOS: Grand Finale (May 2018)

Each team made a meaningful impact on K-12 education, with two teams splitting $35,000 to continue their ventures!

Congratulations to Team Olhares and Team Eu Ensino, and all the innovators who took part.

Matt Robins, judge, Dean’s list; Katy Knight, judge, Siegel Family Endowment; Tatiana Piskula, Alaina Leggette, and Laura Marsiaj Ribeiro, Team Eu Ensino; Adam Royalty, Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio; Professor Sarah Holloway, SIPA; Paula Pinho, Team Eu Ensino; Sidney Nakahodo, judge, SIPA; Ana Paula Romero and Alexandra Cooper, Team Olhares


The judges from SIPA, Columbia Entrepreneurship, and Fundação Lemann deliberate after the teams’ final presentations.


Convening the Columbia cohort and Brazilian cohort for the award announcements.


Team Eu Ensino is announced as the Emerging Venture with a prize of $15,000!


Team Olhares celebrates being named Distinguished Venture with a $20,000 prize!


The Columbia and Brazilian members of Team Olhares celebrate.


The whole EdTech cohort celebrates with the winning teams. All our innovators made a big impact on K-12 education.


Matt Robins ’12BUS, founder of Dean’s List, gives advice to entrepreneurs.




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