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After a frustrating experience renting a boat in Greece with CBS friends, Adrian Gradinaru ʼ14CBS came up with the idea for Sailo and convinced Magda Marcu, his longtime friend and technology buff from Silicon Valley, Bogdan Batog, a fellow engineer, and Delphine Braas ʼ14CBS, a friend from Columbia Business School with marketing and sales expertise, to co-found the company with him.

Sailo is an online boat rental marketplace that connects people who want to rent boats to boat owners and licensed captains. With over 300 boats to browse and choose from on our seamless platform, renters can be out on the water within a matter of clicks, and the site even allows users to view and compare boats based on location, number of people, type of activities and user reviews. Sailo’s mission is to make boat rentals simple, personal, and accessible for everyone — in order to continue the mission, they’ll continue to expand to more and more cities across the US.

To get a better idea of the alleged “AirBnB of boats,” visit Sailo’s website or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As they say — life on land is overrated.

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