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Jeans seem like the simple solution to every outfit, but in reality, they’re much more complicated than that. RAWR DENIM, founded in 2011, was a simple WordPress blog, and is now the web’s leading resource for raw denim. Matthew Star ’12CC has helped the company grow to over 750,000 page views and 200,000 visitors each month.

An app, Rawr Denim Scout recommends the ideal pair of raw denim from a database of over 4,000+ pairs of jeans. Users will not only know what jeans to buy, but where they can buy them, creating a holistic denim searching experience. The site is currently expanding into other areas of heritage wear including trends, special guides, exclusive segments, leather goods. RAWR DENIM also offers unique value in that it fosters a hyper niche community and experience for menswear aficionados of all levels.

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