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Chris Osborn ʼ14GSAS has been passionate about consumer financial tech for years, specifically on the problems of wealth inequality, new kinds of merit-based risk modeling, and helping individuals with daily money management and savings. He partnered with Gael Reinaudi, who was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Associate Research Scientist at Columbia, to build financial models to help those who needed it.

Cache is a personal finance app, but one with a feature that exposes a new way to calculate interest rates on loans, in real time, every day. Cache will eventually be a new kind of consumer loan issuing bank, assessing borrower risk more accurately and more ethically, and making it easier for lenders to lend. The goal of the platform is to help people understand and manage their money better, provide real-time tools & incentives for borrowers to responsibly take on and repay loans, and lower the barriers to entry for lenders, increasing daily liquidity & making everyone’s quality of living a little better.