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Alexandria Labs is creating the foundation for the Library of Alexandria for the digital age. We create beautiful limited edition e-books stored on-chain that can be displayed, traded, gifted, and read in our app or on Kindle.

528 million e-books were sold in the US alone last year. Textbooks bring in about $19 billion per year, and textbook companies like Pearson estimate that the traceability of secondary sales with blockchain can make them a lot more.

E-books have the potential to grow the publishing market and increase global access to information and art, but with existing technologies, e-books are merely a convenience, a disappointing alternative to physical books. The e-book revolution was only half finished when Kindle became mainstream a decade ago. Blockchain-enabled e-books are going to finish that revolution by making e-books ownable, trackable, interoperable, and secure.

So far, Alexandria has released the bestselling original NFT book ever (over 4000 copies sold in 3 days). Alexandria has shown that readers are willing to pay $30-50 for Alexandria e-books they can own (5-50x what they pay for traditional e-books). Our first fiction book, Ana María Caballero’s Tryst, sold out in 2 days and was collected by the President of TIME. We are working to expand the limits of what books can be and creating valuable, lasting assets.

Our manifesto:

  • We work with authors and publishers we love and empower their needs and creative visions.
  • We decentralize book storage, allowing readers to have more direct and lasting access to books. We strive to make our books readable and accessible forever using decentralized technology. This is why the digital Library of Alexandria can’t burn or “go down.”
  • We take pride in crafting beautiful digital books, objects meant to be cherished. We allow digital formats to support what we all love about reading, what we love about creating our physical book collections. We create smooth reading experiences that bring the benefits of the technology while maintaining simplicity.

To learn more and browse our bookshop, visit