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AVEC Drinks, founded by Alexander Doman ’20CBS and Denetrias Charlemange ’20CBS, is a company specialized in healthy, premium mixers for alcohol. 

Dissatisfied with the current options of mixers in the market AVEC Drinks was created to meet customers’ needs for healthier and higher quality products. Instead of forcing customers to compromise with sugary and unsatisfactory mixers, AVEC provides an improved drinking experience. 

AVEC Drinks prides itself on offering guilt-free and modern mixers unlike anything on sale today. Channeling the spirit of the 1920s with the progression of the 2020s, AVEC wants you to drink better, and to have fun! 

Irreverent and diverse, AVEC is the mixer for those looking for tasty and wholesome drinks. AVEC’S five carbonated beverages are low on sugar and calories and made from all-natural juices and botanicals. Unique flavor combinations like Jalapeño & Blood Orange, and Hibiscus & Pomegranate, are sure to elevate any liquor. AVEC Drinks is committed to its mission to never compromise your spirit!