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Bucephalus is building the operating system for supply chain.

Bucephalus was founded in 2021 by Nicholas DeGiacamo ’15SEAS to help Small and Medium-sized e-commerce sellers think outside the Excel spreadsheet to focus on what they are best at: their product, brand, and customers. Bucephalus is a B2b Saas platform that helps direct-to-consumer brands automatically optimize their supply chain operations for long-term sustainable growth. Using Bucephalus, customers can scale their business confidently and efficiently while reducing their carbon footprint. 

The global pandemic brought major disruptions to the global supply chains of eCommerce sellers. Using the knowledge and skills gained during his time at Amazon, DeGiacamo realized that small businesses would struggle to adapt to the challenges presented by COVID. Whether it’s labor constraints or massive growth during the shift to e-commerce, they lacked the expertise and resources to tackle these problems as well as their multinational corporate counterparts. While 2020 is behind us, the problems faced by SMBs and DTC brands are not. Bucephalus automatically optimizes each step of an organization’s operations across sales channels for long-term free cash flow and environmental impact – empowering brands to grow sustainably while competing with multinational corporations. 

Just like tools such as QuickBooks helped reduce the need to hire expensive accounting and bookkeeping teams, Bucephalus will help reduce the burden for companies looking to scale their supply chain operations. Bucephalus was the name of Alexander the Great’s horse and helped lead him to victory, and with its AI, analytics, and big data expertise, this company helps SMBs and DTC brands grow their empires. 

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