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Bundle Organics

John Mascari `08CC co-founded Bundle Organics in an effort to establish the first line of organic, non-GMO juices designed specifically for expecting and new moms. Bundle Organics juices are designed to help both moms and their babies get the nutrients they need, when they need it the most.

John launched Bundle Organics through eCommerce, which allowed them to quickly gain scale and easy entry into theonline  food and beverage sphere. Since the juices are pasteurized, they’re not only safe to drink during pregnancy, but they’re also easy to ship and store without refrigeration. Bundle Organics offers a monthly “bundled” subscription that automatically delivers the juice to your door each month. Bundle now distributes through a handful of other eCommerce platforms like,, and, and customers can now buy the juices from BabiesRUs and BuyBuy Baby.

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