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Coast is a natural detoxification and cellular repair shot taken while drinking alcohol, post-workout, or as a daily supplement to optimize your health and wellness.

Chris Picerni ’19BUS and his partners came up with the idea for Coast in 2018.  Friends since childhood, they shared a similar philosophy on life and health, and would often compare notes on diet, exercise, optimizing sleep cycles, and staying sharp mentally. Many of these conversations happened over a drink or two. However, they recognized that some of the things they enjoyed the most set them back from their health and wellness goals. That led to the question, why was there nothing out there that allowed them to enjoy their social lives while not compromising on health?

With a PhD, MBA, and JD between them, they set about finding a solution and started Overland Health, with a focus on bringing cutting edge scientific research to the consumer space.  After many iterations and hundreds of tests, they launched their first product, Coast, in 2019.

Coast is a natural detoxification and cellular repair shot taken while drinking, post-workout, or as a daily supplement. It is scientifically engineered with an NAD+ precursor, antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes to remove toxins, replenish vital resources, and repair cells.

The first holistic solution of its kind, it is engineered to limit cellular damage leading to improved physical performance, mental sharpness, and skin health. Rough mornings? Sure, it helps with those too. You can now maintain your health goals and productivity without compromise.

Visit the website to buy Coast and learn more about the science!