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Comunal Coworking

Carlos Zuzunaga,’13BUS, and his partners launched the first coworking space in Peru. After six months developing the concept and the brand, Comunal Coworking opened in late July of 2013 with 30 spaces.

Carlos and his team are not only to tackling a space problem, they are trying to create the collaboration environment for the entrepreneurs working in the space. The team believes that leaving home and working from an office is a key step for entrepreneurs and freelancers to become successful. Carlos is convinced that renting a coworking space shows that the Peruvian entrepreneur believes in herself and her project.

The team chose the location in Barranco, Peru which is surrounded by art galleries, banks, restaurants and bars. The location helps to generate a nice vibe.

So far there are Web and a mobile companies, an entrepreneur launching a booking platform for sport centers, three architects and a brand and design expert in the space.

Carlos sees coworking as the new driver for entrepreneurship in Peru and wants to have 150 people working from its spaces by the end of 2014 and 400 by 2016 in different Peruvian cities.

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