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CoverWallet  was started by Iñaki Berenguer  ’04 Fulbright scholar  at Columbia University and other tech entrepreneurs who worked in software startups in the past, building easy to use online products for consumers and enterprises. Frustrated with how opaque, high pressure and time consuming the management of commercial insurance was, we decided to build a better experience for other business owners and a concierge service for them.

CoverWallet brought their experience of building beautiful Internet products together with the state-of-the-art online technologies to create efficiencies, save consumers money, and simplify life when it comes to managing business insurance.

CoverWallet likes to say “We offer nothing extravagant: manage all my policies online, all in one place”.

Coverwallet was founded in 2015 by Iñaki Berenguer and Rashmi Melgiri and has attracted the best entrepreneurial, insurance and technical minds on the planet.

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