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Crédito Social

Crédito Social, founded by Nathaniel Lawrence GSAS’18, provides Brazil’s nearly 20 million microentrepreneurs a tailored, easy-to-use ERP smartphone application. By digitalizing, visualizing, and aggregating microbusiness data, the social enterprise empowers microentrepreneurs with data-driven decision-making abilities and facilitates their financial inclusion.

Brazil’s microentrepreneurs lead high-stress lives. Few have the time and energy to manage their business data. They can neither make informed business decisions nor demonstrate their creditworthiness as a result. This culminates in the glaring fact that despite representing 99% of all business, microbusinesses received only 3% of the R$3.9 trillion (51% of GDP) in credit last year, restricting their opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Crédito Social’s behaviorally targeted ERP app, Na Real, guides microentrepreneurs to capture their business data and make positive, proactive decisions. By generating this otherwise inaccessible data, the company further provides credit scoring, data aggregation, and lead generation to financial institutions, allowing them to offer affordable products and services to that 99% of Brazilian businesses still missing from their balance sheets.