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Jordan Muraskin ʼ15SEAS worked in the brain imaging field for 10 years before developing a technology that could be utilized to provide professional athletes with performance feedback. As an expert and pioneer in electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), he has extensive experimental and analytic experience, which lead him to co-found deCervo with Jason Sherwin — a Ph.D.who’s consulted in the neuroscience industry since 2010.

With state of the art brain-computer interfacing technology and proprietary algorithms, deCervo can efficiently and accurately measure how and when athletes make decisions specific to their sport.

Baseball solutions are the first available, and other sports and high-performance contexts are coming soon. deCervo’s profiles can help athletes and trainers enhance performance faster and, is revolutionizing the assessment, training, and recruitment of high-performance athletes.

Make a profile for free via their mobile app for the iPhone or iPad, or, stop by one of their Profile Building Centers for a complete brain imaging profile and enterprise team solution.