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Jordan Muraskin ʼ15SEAS worked in the brain imaging field for 10 years before developing a technology that could be utilized to provide professional athletes with performance feedback. As an expert and pioneer in electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), he has extensive experimental and analytic experience.

In graduate school, he met Jason Sherwin, a Ph.D. doing post-doctoral training at SEAS under the direction of the brain-computer interface expert Prof. Paul Sajda.

Jason received his Ph.D. (2010) and M.S. (2006) in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also holds a BA in Physics (Double Major in Music) from the University of Chicago (2005). Furthermore, he is an active composer, performer and DJ in the music industry in both New York and Pennsylvania. This background in music led to his first experiments on brain imaging of musicians, which ultimately led to his work with Muraskin and athletes for deCervo.

deCervo blends gaming and science into apps to make your decisions the best they can be.Developing initial work done at SEAS, Muraskin and Sherwin know how the brain makes decisions in high-stakes and complex environments. Firstly, deCervo can simulate these environments on phone apps or other devices. Secondly, deCervo can make targeted measurements of how people decide in these environments. Thirdly and most importantly, deCervo tailors the simulations to boost performance strengths and eliminate weaknesses. In conclusion, this is how deCervo makes decisions the best they can be.deCervo Decision Training apps translate directly to real-world performance. For instance, deCervo apps translate to real-word performance gains for baseball and softball hitters, hockey referees and law enforcement officers. Specifically, deCervo’s training apps help these professionals make decisions the best they can be in the batter’s box, on the ice and in our communities.Learn more below about deCervo’s phone apps for individuals or custom solutions for organizations from the video above, or our website.