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Emilie Heathe

At Emilie Heathe, the focus is on expression—a place where beauty meets art; based on the belief that beauty is not just an art, but beauty is part of the art of living. Luxurious, sophisticated and visually compelling beauty products are viewed as a passport to this idea.

Emilie Heathe, founded by Emily Rudman ’14BUS, takes its consumers on a journey from beginning to end. The journey is intended to transport its passengers through innovative and creative design, unique formulas and luxurious sustainable packaging. All products are formulated with top-grade, non-toxic, clean ingredients.

Nail color is first up for the brand, soon to be followed by makeup and skincare. Emilie Heathe collaborates with individuals across all fields who share a common creative passion. The most recent examples include designers Pyer Moss, Greta Constantine, Jasmine Chong and artists Christopher Beane, Valentine Despointes and Shun Sudo.

Emilie Heathe’s mission is to provide thoughtful, sophisticated, yet ethically conscious beauty products to men and women around the world.

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