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Equip, founded by Aniju Varughese CBS’15, is a marketplace for skilled construction workers.

In the construction industry, contractors frequently scramble to get workers with the right skills in the right place, at the right time. The skilled labor shortage, the volatile nature of construction, and the lack of updated hiring tools are some of the causes of this struggle. Project schedules fluctuate constantly, making it impossible to perfectly plan resources. And word-of-mouth and job boards fall short, as they are limited to one’s network and force contractors to waste hours sorting through applications. Contractors and workers alike need a better way to connect for jobs.

Equip is a hiring marketplace for skilled construction workers that is transparent, quick and easy to use. It’s main focus is on skill and quality, rather than volume. Equip seeks to streamline the vetting process by delivering contractors a handful of quality candidates. Equip’s goal is to become a central registry for skill assessment, resource availability, and workforce development in construction.