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Fitamenity is a digital fitness and wellness platform that offers personalized workout plans designed around the specific exercise equipment available within an individual’s residential building gym, bespoke nutrition plans, and on-demand video chat support from a wide array of health and wellness specialists, ranging from physical therapists and sports medicine doctors to mental wellness experts and habit performance coaches. The available specialists on the Fitamenity platform offer users expert guidance and personalized advice, further enriching their fitness experience.

What truly sets Fitamenity apart is its unparalleled commitment to holistic fitness and wellness. Upon sign-up, each user is assigned a dedicated fitness trainer and has the option to curate their own wellness team with the addition of nutritionists, health professionals, fitness professionals, and other health and wellness specialists based on their fitness goals and interests. This comprehensive approach, coupled with the convenience of a residential building-based gym and the unique customizability of workout and nutrition plans, makes Fitamenity not just an app, but a dedicated fitness partner committed to supporting users on their health and wellness journey. In essence, Fitamenity is the epitome of personalized fitness, providing an end-to-end, individual-focused fitness and wellness solution right within the comfort of one’s residential building.