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Folia Water

Folia Water is the world’s first water filter for pennies, not dollars.

Clean drinking water is out of reach for much of the world’s population – 1 billion people drink unsafe water and more than 500,000 kids die every year from waterborne diseases.

Folia Water is a B2B OEM materials technology firm that has invented a process that utilizes standard paper mills as the world’s largest nanofactories. Folia Filters are a simple, affordable antimicrobial paper water filter that costs 3 cents to manufacture and retails for 20 cents for 20L of safe, germ-free water in a form factor that fits in the neck of a 20L water cooler bottle.

They will be packaged and sold as a sachet through mom and pop kiosks in developing countries as a mass-market staple next to soaps, snacks, and SIM cards.

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