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During Eugene Kim’s `15SEAS tenure as a corporate lawyer in New York, he became interested in technology and entrepreneurship, which led him to search for mentors in the tech industry. The difficulty of transitioning into a new industry and finding the right mentor inspired him to start Ivia. Partnering with Danny Taing `14SEAS, he leveraged his background in business and software development to create an innovative service to help guide job seekers through transitional hardships.

Ivia is evolving the way people are hired by connecting job seekers to tech industry leaders who then act as guides in the next stage of career development. Ivia hand-selects and interviews each mentor to ensure a high level of knowledge and experience, so that all clients feel safe when choosing to work with a mentor.

Whether you need resume critique, mock interview practice, or career consultation, Ivia is the easiest way for to reach beyond your network and connect with experienced industry leaders.