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Tim Bernal ʼ14BUS and Brian Louko ʼ14BUS know first hand how terrible mobile commerce can be. Every day, millions of fashion-obsessed smartphone owners crave the ability to window shop anytime, anywhere. Available solutions leave consumers feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied.

Kwoller is your on-demand, personal shopper that keeps your wallet in mind. Rather than stuffing all the robust functionality of ecommerce sites onto the small screen of your phone, Kwoller shows you one great product at a time. Swipe left if you don’t like it; swipe right if you do. If it’s on sale, they’ll let you know (today or when it goes on sale weeks from now). As you continue to use Kwoller, the app’s algorithms get smarter and show you recommendations better suited for you.

Kwoller has been hailed as the “tindr for clothes.” Download Kwoller on the app store.