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Link Strollers

It takes a village to raise a child, but building a supportive community for parents is not easy. At LinkStrollers we are connecting parents through stroller license plates: allowing them to message directly via plate numbers. It’s a new way to make friends without exchanging contact information upfront, and an innovative way to keep informed about children when they are out and about.

The founder, Hitomi Pender ’16SEAS, left her career to become a stay-home-mom after her first child was born. She quickly realized she was not alone feeling underprepared and overwhelmed. Everything takes longer with children, building a community is a project (much less among running and crying babies!) and a sense of security is lacking in cities. For over two years, Hitomi has met tons of moms, nannies and babysitters and been to every park and play space in New York City. She has witnessed parenting pain points of all types and embarked on this venture to address as many of them as she could.

LinkStrollers license plates provide the solution. Play-dates, meet ups and photo exchanges are just 6 digit plate numbers away. Parents can be a part of their children’s daily activities even when they are not physically with them and the community can alert parents if something is wrong. There is a higher chance that parents can find those lost shoes, and less chance that other parents take the wrong stroller.

Hitomi is motivated to make the parenting journey fun and effortless. LinkStrollers aims to bring new experiences to children and parents, and hopes parents can focus on the amazing little discoveries they make with their children along the way.