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LiveRoom, founded by Gabriela Naumnik ’20SPS, is a professional networking and live streaming platform for the music industry aiming to  empower music artists globally to achieve their goals thanks to a supportive music industry network.

Two-thirds of creatives lost their gigs as a result of the pandemic, which also showed that there is a lack of a supportive online community for music professionals due to the absence of targeted sites and too much clutter on social media. LiveRoom addresses the monetization and professional networking challenges within the music industry. You can think of us as a perfect mix of Twitch and LinkedIn for music professionals. LiveRoom is proud to bring together members of the music industry. Created by musicians for musicians, the concept of LiveRoom is based on live, interactive, and immersive virtual rooms, allowing music artists to create their own world in virtual spaces. This is more than a live streaming and networking platform for artists – it’s a way to create your brand, network with music professionals, learn, monetize your work, connect through live sessions, and get noticed. LiveRoom is proud to showcase, inspire achievements, and amplify narratives of thousands of music professionals across the world. Join the revolution now!