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Millie, founded by Jenna Ahn, Giuseppe Iademarco (both EMBA Global 2020) and Ariel (Cornell 2014), is a global EdTech company focused on providing holistic guidance to international school students.

From a coffee chat between Jenna and Ariel in Hong Kong, going through the crafting of a business plan for an elective class during Jenna and Giuseppe’s MBA in New York, until a pre-seed capital raise in 2019, Millie became what is now a 40+ people strong team helping students and schools across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Millie essentially does two things: 1) it helps students who want to reach their dream universities & beyond and 2) it complements school counsellors’ work by offering a unique product: a platform that combines a workflow management tool with access to a global community of international school students.

For students who are facing a crucial decision, Millie is the big brother and big sister, they wish they had, designed in such a way to prevent students from running into a quarter-life crisis. From a global network of mentors, Millie creates students’ dream teams – the people who guide them to the world’s leading schools, careers, and lifestyles. Millie provides a personalized education through a tech-enabled platform, experienced counselors, and high-achieving tutors. Beyond helping students gain acceptance to top colleges and universities, Millie goes deeper, supporting students in creating their life path, from their internship choices to their future career. Millie’s learning platform is as interactive as Instagram and brings tutors and tech to students so that learning feels as comfortable as chatting over coffee.

For international schools’ counsellors who nurture global citizens, Millie provides a completely customizable platform that allows students and counsellors to manage their university application and career workflow in a seamless way. By onboarding Millie, counsellors give students access to a global community of international school students and mentors that provides opportunity for meaningful work (such as high school internships) and a wealth of fresh, interactive and curated content (such as our weekly webinars and panels on topics such as “Women in tech”, “Law school US vs. UK”, “Art School in the US” and many others – find the full list here). We also have a baseline free offer for schools that includes our content + custom presentations on specific topics of interest. Millie’s global community stretches the school’s counselling team and alumni networks to boundaries never seen before.

To learn more, follow Millie on Instagram, LinkedIn and visit their website.