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Mode Maison

Attempting to refurbish an existing Manhattan apartment, Steven Gay didn’t know where to start or whom to trust.  This search began online, but quickly led to frustration, as it was impossible to click “buy now” or get transparent pricing on quality home furnishings products.  Instead, each brand required the customer to click to request a quote, call for more information, or email the sales team directly.  Unable to purchase anything online and suffering through weeks-worth of long email chains and phone calls just to get a quote, Steven went to the regional Manhattan showrooms only to be turned away because he wasn’t accompanied by an architect or interior designer with the proper licensing.  Needless to say, Steven didn’t buy the sofa.  His friend Wells Childress ’14CC reached out to his ASID-registered, interior designer mother and recognized how archaic and inefficient sourcing luxury home furnishings can be, even for the savviest of interior designers and architects.

So Steven and Wells founded Mode Maison, which provides its customers access to luxury goods that, until now, have been difficult to source.  Mode Maison is the go-to source for the luxury home buying experience, bringing exclusive, authentic home furnishings brands from all over the world into one beautiful, inspiring, and seamless platform.

The luxury furnishings industry finally has a home.  You are invited to visit us at