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Founded by Surya Viswanathan ’14SEAS and Aakash Shah, NeonVest is the new-age Expert Network, starting with startups and experts in VC.

The problem is that founders don’t have an easy way to access experts, on-demand, for the insights they need. Social networking sites foster superficial professional connections that don’t often add tangible value. Accelerators accept a very small percentage of companies, don’t often curate experts specifically for the startup, and take equity. Blogs have content of varying quality, aimed for mass appeal. Existing expert networks are costly, cumbersome, and focused on corporates.

The solution is NeonVest. With NeonVest, startups can book 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with relevant, domain experts on-demand. They are guaranteed 30 minute to 1 hour conversations about everything from scaling-up strategy to technology to fundraising.

Visit us at to learn more and enter the new-age Expert Network.