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Brian Pallas CBS ʼ14 realized that when it came to looking for business partners, finding the best fit wasn’t an easy thing to do. He saw a need for a platform that would provide connections between corporations and companies, allowing for collaboration.

Opportunity Network is already hosting business opportunities valued at more than $12 billion, by connecting parties with shared interests and goals. With companies in 75 countries and of every fathomable industry, Opportunity Network has grown astonishingly quickly, and continues to do so — 30+ people are employed on three continents, with offices in New York, London, Dubai, Barcelona, and Santiago de Chile. Opportunity Network even received an official endorsement from the Minister of Commerce and Industry of Morocco. What do they have to show for their success? Apparently, “hundreds of thank you letters and not a single complaint.”

Whether you’re looking to be connected with a company or simply wish to browse offers, Opportunity Network’s website has options for you. Apply for membership or view opportunities today.


Twitter: @OpportNetwork