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Sean Lanning `15CBS and John Brozena `15CBS are programmers interested in making an impact in the education sphere. Prior to joining business school, they were tired of how painstaking of a process it was to study dry, difficult material. As a result, they set out to create Pairprep.

Pairprep is a learning game where students face off in head-to-head competition over educational topics in real time. Students play on wireless tablets provided by Pairprep, or even on the school’s own devices.  By competing in teacher created content, SAT/ACT practice, or common core skills, students can target their lowest performing areas. Teachers can see the results, and know what weaknesses to target in future lessons. PairPrep has been proven to increase scores by as much as 5% per game played.

Please see a demo of Pairprep at or reach out with any questions to