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Pelican is empowering families to save smarter, save more, and achieve their financial goals for their children’s education.

For many families, saving for their children’s education is a daunting task. College costs are skyrocketing, and navigating the complex landscape of education savings can be overwhelming, leaving 70% of American families univested in education savings. These 22M Americans are missing out on tax advantages and compound interest which can create a solid foundation for their children’s future, equip them with the necessary resources to pursue higher education, secure better job prospects, and achieve long-term financial stability.

That’s where Pelican comes in. We are revolutionizing education savings by empowering families to save smarter, save more, and spend less time on research. Our platform provides a comprehensive solution that combines financial expertise, user-friendly tools, and a personalized approach.

With Pelican, families can easily set up education savings accounts, access expert recommendations tailored to their specific needs, take advantage of smart investment options that maximize tax savings and minimize financial aid reduction, and enable contributions from family and friends to support their journey. Our platform streamlines the entire process, allowing families to confidently navigate the world of education savings and achieve their financial goals faster.