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Plan A

Founded by Caroline Weinberg ’12MPH, Plan A mobile clinics bring reproductive and sexual health care directly to rural communities. We are opening our first clinic in the Mississippi Delta in 2021.

Mobile clinics allow us to bring reproductive health care to underserved communities, removing two of the major barriers to care: distance and cost. Women living in rural and non-metropolitan areas are less likely to receive reproductive health services than those in urban communities. Less than half of counties in Mississippi have practicing obstetrician-gynecologists and in some towns, women face more than an hour-long drive for care Plan A mobile clinics bring care directly into healthcare deserts, addressing barriers to care and ensuring that all community members have access to the vital, compassionate reproductive and sexual healthcare that they both require and deserve. 

Our clinics fill the gaps in the existing health care infrastructure and ensure that community members can receive care, no matter where they are.