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Quantime empowers everyone to do more of what they want with their time.

Quantime co-founders Suchit Tuli ’19BUS and Burke Livingston met while working together at RubiconMD, a NY-based digital health startup. By this time, Suchit had spent years attempting to diagnose workplace productivity issues, using his experience with time-and-motion studies as inspiration. When he shared his ideas with Burke, he realized he wasn’t alone in this struggle. Passionate about solving universal problems through technology, they both took off on a journey to change how individuals manage time.

Today, modern professionals struggle to find time to get work done, amidst wasteful meetings, information overload, social stimulation, and ad hoc requests. At the root, these challenges occur due to a lack of technological support for these individuals to optimize their time and attention at the workplace. Our long-term vision for Quantime is to empower everyone to do more of what they want with their time.

As a first step, Quantime has become the first technology company to make time blocking, an age-old, research-backed best practice used by the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates, accessible to the modern professional. Built on time blocking’s core principles, the software automatedly aggregates all of your to-dos from wherever they exist onto a single place: your calendar. The innovation of Quantime lies in its ability to intelligently recommend and reserve optimal time blocks for specific tasks, and then subsequently reschedule these blocks and rebalance your workflow as needed if other priorities arise. In essence, we hope to plan your day for you so you can focus on getting work done.

At the enterprise level, Quantime promises even greater productivity gains via seamless integrations with communication platforms like Slack and popular project management tools like Asana. Quantime also seeks to empower managers with project-based analytics, workflow optimization, and team capacity quantification.

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