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RE:DIST, founded by Atif Qadir ’14CBS, is a platform that provides access to the wide array of place-based real estate incentives at the federal, state and local level in the United States.

There is currently customer demand amongst commercial real estate developers, investors, and investment sales brokers to understand and apply for the $100 billion worth of real estate incentives given out annually in the United States. However, the existing process is highly fragmented and challenging. RE:DIST turns that frustration into action by allowing users to identify and learn about incentives available, discover areas that are well-incentivized but underappreciated for their real estate fundamentals, and monetize incentive awards through a streamlined online application process.

RE:DIST understands the value of adding transparency to real estate incentives, as it truly helps increase their effectiveness in driving positive socioeconomic change across the country. By servicing the real estate incentive industry in its entirety, RE:DIST allows customers to realize the value of properties they own, uncover value in potential acquisitions missed by others, and save time and money in the entire development process.