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Retail Experts

Eduardo Andrade ’15BUS, founder of Retail Experts, has spent the last decade founding ventures in his native Mexico as varied as water purification, energy, and retail. It’s in this last vertical that he’s currently making his mark.

Retail Experts is a full-service branch expansion service that provides everything from marketing to brokering to construction for retail stores looking to expand their business. First, Retail Experts helps clients through an evaluation of what makes their existing retail location work. Is it a unique offering in the current location? Is it the local demographics? Is it the client’s brand? Then he scouts the target location for the new store. Do the same success components exist there? Great questions, Retail Experts has the answers. Once a new location is agreed upon, the focus on construction begins. From sourcing materials, to negotiating leases to finished carpentry, Retail Experts is a one stop shop.

Retail experts is expanding quickly to offer services to a wider range of customers this year. To learn more about Retail Experts, check out this video, and learn about the technology used by one of the leading experts in retail consulting.