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Christina Hawatmeh `14SIPA and Manoj Pooleery (CCLS 2008-2014 and MS, Technology Management 2009-2010) both have extensive knowledge of technology and global affairs. These combined interests lead them to develop a platform that would tie them together: Scopio

 They are joined by Esteban Saldarriaga, ’16EMBA as CFO.

Scopio is a high-tech social image agency. We streamline the copyright process for user generated images and videos for brands and publishers.

Stronger Social Presence

User generated images and videos attract more hits and views than stock photography and produced content. Users are becoming desensitized to glossy ads and perfectly shot clips, Social images have a different purpose: engagement. The future is in embracing user generated pictures and videos, in multiple languages.  The future is now, look at the care and time people are putting into their images and hashtags before publishing it to social media!

Better Content

We at Scopio “scope out” the online images and videos that brand builders, marketers, and publishers are looking for.  Our proprietary software is based off #hashtags, searchable keywords that users apply to their photos, images, and posts on social media. Why hashtags? Hashtags are the center of every social event, and now every brand campaign.  Hashtags are a way of organizing the internet.  Scopio was born out of a Columbia University passion project in 2013 based off exactly that: organizing and collecting image content through hashtags in the “deep web” of twitter.

Faster Turnaround

Our software automatically pulls the images, and we do the final check on the originality of the image. We reach out to the user, who receives a personalized agreement, adds their email as a signature, and allows us to share! The user then receives a confirmation email with the agreement, and we store one for safe keeping for our clients. That image is ready to be reproduced, published, and used, drastically cutting the turnaround time.

We pay back users when their image is used, through a payment app. Users maintain ownership and rights of their content on social media.  The user is empowered, and the brand gets to use great social content in real-time, all via Scopio.

This is a tech based innovative solution and a win-win. Users get paid for their work, where in the past they have not been, and clients finally have an effective way to use social images-in real time!

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