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Seamless Semiconductors

Originally, Jayanth Kupambatti ʼ14SEAS was building prototypes to demonstrate the concept of Switched-Mode Signal Processing (SMSP) and showcase its advantages over traditional circuit design techniques. After seeing the initial success and and immense potential of SMSP, he and a professor decided to form Seamless Semiconductors to commercialize the technology.

Seamless is currently in the process of developing a prototype Analog-to-Digital Converter targeting the next generation of mobile communication protocols (LTE-A). Their technology exploits the faster transistors available in nanoscale CMOS to represent signal information in the time-domain to implement Switched-Mode Operational Amplifiers (SMOAs).

Seamless is currently in the process of recruiting additional engineers to help develop the prototype and get it to potential customers for sampling as soon as possible. Contact for more information.