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Sharper Sense

Sharper Sense was founded by Charles Rodenkirch ’19SEAS and Columbia University Professor Qi  Wang (Biomedical Engineering).  

Sharper Sense is wearable neurotechnology that enhances vision, hearing, and touch. Dr. Rodenkirch  and Professor Wang developed this technology while working together in Professor Wang’s Neural  Engineering Lab at Columbia University. Following the success of their preclinical research, which  confirmed Sharper Sense enhanced the sensory performance of animals, the company is now preparing  to conduct pilot clinical studies. Sharper Sense can be packaged into fully noninvasive nerve stimulation  patches that enhance senses by delivering a comfortable level of electrical current through the skin to  activate a specific nerve in the neck in a way that optimizes brain state for perception. This technology  has many applications including performance and safety enhancement as well as treatment of sensory  processing disorders and sensory loss. 

You can learn more about Sharper Sense at our website: