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Spectre, founded by Ashwin Kamath ’21CBS, aims to be the primary system to discover, exchange, and manage data between organizations.

Most businesses are just beginning to grasp the meaning of a data-driven organization. Many have gone a step further to adopt enterprise-grade software to manage their internal data and improve their analytical capabilities. With every new data product and platform that is launched, one thing is clear – data is king.

As internal data management improves, organizations are turning to new, external sources of data to continue building their data foundation. What everyone fails to talk enough about is the effort required to find and put that data into use. Data procurement and exchange today is a multi-billion dollar industry and remains a largely manual and painstaking process. While the tools to set up automated data pipelines, otherwise known as ETL, exist, they are inadequate at best and require significant operational monitoring to ensure reliability and consistency over time.

Data discovery is also difficult. Data catalogs and marketplaces are extremely fragmented across industries and do not come close to producing a holistic view of available data. To add to that, data quality can only be truly judged after a long-term contract has been signed and vendor lock-in is in place. This is a misalignment of incentives. Enter Spectre.

By launching an integrated data platform that facilitates the entire data transaction process from discovery to delivery, Spectre will provide users with the best possible experience to procuring external data and will be well positioned to become the center of the data ecosystem.

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