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Email and LinkedIn have expanded our professional networks leading to an overload of vague connections. A strong network requires deliberate activity to build and sustain relationships of trust. Professionals need a system that handles that difficulty while minimizing manual work involved. At his previous job Dan Heyman `09CC could not find a system simple enough for his 3-person team to use without being burdened by the data entry. He was joined by Mike Wojcieszek `14SEAS, and the two created Stack AI.

Stack AI’s mission is to take the stress out of managing relationships and make it simple for professionals to maintain high-quality relationships — Stack takes a people-centric approach to relationship management, organizing your information around the people in your life. Even without any data entry, Stack will give you valuable insights into your relationships and help you keep the organized.

Stack AI is 12 months old. The product is in private beta, with 20 active users. To learn more, follow them at @stack_ai, @loswojos, and @heymandaniel.