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Subby is the future of digital payments: a shared payments platform enabling Gen Z and Millennials to easily split expenses with their friends and family. Our vision is to be the group payments infrastructure that underpins all web2 and web3 commerce.

Younger generations are inherently highly social and we share experiences, products, and services. However, there is no good payment method to match our behavior. We need more flexible ways to pay, to share, and to serve our groups and micro communities. Current payment solutions are built on legacy credit card rails and are designed for single-users even though the final use is often shared between multiple users. Endless Venmo requests and awkward conversations about money with friends and family are painful for everyone.

Subby modernizes payments by building the infrastructure for shared payments. Our first product is a P2P payments app that automates and formalizes group payments and recurring payments (current P2P apps only allow one-to-one and one-time payments). We will expand to offer group payment functionality at checkout and point-of-sale. We will also offer group payment APIs to fit in anywhere in the payment stack. In short, Subby allows the sharers of products and services to easily and seamlessly share the cost.

Founded by Chris Picerni, SEAS