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Tâm Journey

Tâm Journey, founded by Khanh Vu ’21SIPA, Loan Kim Chu ’21SIPA, Dan Poniachik ’20SIPA and Taylor Light ’20SIPA, is a one-stop app supporting Vietnamese youth’s mental health, with the mission to strengthen the wellbeing of Vietmames youths so they can reach their full potential and to catalyze the mental health and wellness revolution in Vietnam. 

According to UNICEF, 30% of youth in Vietnam report  depression, anxiety, and ADHD, and many don’t have access to the care that they need due to issues of investment, access, and the high cost of therapy. Also, Vietnam has one of the lowest availability of mental health professionals per capita in Southeast Asia. But with 80% of the population having access to a smartphone, there is an opportunity to offer youth an accessible alternative to receive a first layer of support that can change their lives and help embrace healthier lifestyles. 

Through our app, youths are able to (1) connect with certified wellness professionals for guidance and consultation, (2) connect with their inner self through our privately secured digital journaling tool, and (3) connect with each other to spread positivity and support.