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Terranga was founded on the belief that going abroad is not just a trip — it’s an experience. For Tammy Lewin ‘15SIPA and Lindsay Litowitz ‘14SIPA, playing pickup soccer, checking out an artist’s personal studio or discussing Colombian politics over freshly juiced Lulada is what traveling is all about. Through their years of travel in over 50 countries, living abroad, and working in international development they’ve found these little gems – and only did so because they met awesome locals who were open to share parts of their lives.

Now Lewin and Litowitz are building a network of local leaders in the developing world who are eager to free travelers from bus tours, touristy restaurants and everything else on the beaten track. Travelers open up Terranga and easily connect with a local who shares insights into their own cities – for city exploring, art or even underwater rugby. The result is that both parties broaden their perspective and learn from each other. Not to mention that you’ll be given the opportunity to contribute to a cause that your local partner cares about – whether that be a personal dream like finishing college or traveling to other parts of their own region.

Terranga, which literally means ‘hospitality’ in Senegal, is piloting in Colombia this summer. Check out how to get involved at