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The Drop

This is how Alexis Beechen ’15BUS, co-founder of The Drop, describes her venture:  “We’re a wine company that respects the past – the players, the style, the grapes! But the past has passed, and life got fast. (The answer was never at the bottom of a bottle anyway.) So we twisted tradition, bent wine to our will, and put it in a can.”

The spirit and moxie of her promotional copy are reflected in her wine, her brand, and in her founder’s story.

The idea for The Drop came about on a Columbia Business School sailing club trip to Greece with a boat full of her fellow MBA classmen.  Alexis brought a case of rosè on the trip and was delighted to see that her shipmates started grabbing the bottles of rosè and left the beer to get warm in the bilge.

The idea remained in her travel log until after her return to the Morningside campus when Alexis’ co-founder Andrew Kozzo ‘15BUS asked her to join an independent study project focused on a rosè wine marketing model.  At the time they called it Brosè. When Columbia Business School Professor Lenn Sherman came on as an advisor, momentum took off.

Perhaps the best thing to happen for their brand was the discovery that Adam Carolla had already trademarked Brosè.  So, borrowing from the Southern California surfing culture, “The Drop” was born and the first case shipped in May of 2016.

Now The Drop is in 17 states; Cali Red and Cali White have been added to the mix.  You can find The Drop in Whole Foods and a whole host of other retail outlets including Fenway Park (Go Bosox!).

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