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Tooler is an online marketplace and delivery platform for last-minute construction supplies.

On the jobsite, a single missing screw can derail an entire project. Tooler leverages its network of hardware stores and supply houses to offer contractors a vast array of supplies. Then, the Tooler delivery network equips those contractors in under an hour. With Tooler, contractors can stay on the jobsite, saving time and money.

Founded by classmates Benedict Capaldi and Federico Meisel ’CBS21, Tooler was born out of Federico’s frustrations as a solar power entrepreneur and contractor. Too often, when he could have been on a rooftop installing panels or on the phone quoting new jobs, he was forced to dispatch crucial team members or leave the jobsite himself to get materials. Benedict regularly encountered the same problem as a U.S. Navy officer. Missing materials threatened his and private contractors’ efforts during both military operations and routine maintenance.